Do you know that employees spend up to 8 hours weekly searching for information?

We know how to change it.

In cooperation with innovative partners, we have developed knowledge-sharing system using the latest research and practical experiences from companies. Knowledge are one of the most valuable assets of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the knowledge. The software is available for FREE as like as simple processes how to improve knowledge sharing in your company.

„This has happened to us in the last project!“

Sounds familiar to you? We have found that sharing project knowledge is often inefficient or dysfunctional. Valuable information and experience from previous projects is only stored in the heads of project managers. Project team members then spend up to one fifth of their time searching for information or reworking tasks. This means up to one full working day a week is spent inefficiently.

At the same time, it is usually enough to change just a few things and the time saved can be spent on some really useful activities.

Managing project knowledge pays off

Knowledge and information management is part of everyday work on projects. It is about choosing the way of communication, sorting documents, recording important events and their solutions.

Perhaps it is surprising that some of the most widely used forms of communication are inefficient. But often there is no need to completely change them. Sometimes just a small change is enough to save time for everyone involved. And time is the most valuable today.

Within projects, there are often several risky events that are not recorded anywhere. As a result, the same risk events occur repeatedly, causing project delays and cost increases. Knowledge is also lost in staff turnover, causing additional costs. All this reduces competitiveness.

Streamlining knowledge transfer

Our goal is to find and provide simple and functioning project knowledge sharing solutions. For example, how and when to evaluate lessons learned in projects so that project managers can learn from it in the future. Or how to create meeting minutes that people will really read, and which will be binding. Or how to motivate people to share the solutions they had used and their consequences.

We focus primarily on sharing knowledge among projects. Due to the nature of the current market environment, the use of project management is increasing. But project knowledge sharing is still a great challenge.

Applying applied research approach

Thanks to the combination of a multidisciplinary research background of the university, we can comprehensively analyze problems and propose practical solutions together with our partner companies. We then test the solutions in real-life conditions and adjust them to suit the requirements of every-day use. Interconnecting project management, psychology and IT enables us to design and implement a functioning knowledge-sharing process, motivate employees and use the most appropriate technology.

We can help your company, too!

We can help you with knowledge sharing. We cooperate on non-commercial and commercial basis. Contact us for details.




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