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11. 12. 2019

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Project Manager Skillsets. What Mix is the Right Mix?

Engineers, programmers, medical doctors, in fact most professionals spend years getting formally educated in their fields before being allowed to practice their trade. So why is it that we think a person with no formal training in management can be put in charge of managing financial and human resources. Why do we continue to promote our best technical people into positions where they are rendered incompetent and their contribution to the organization suffers? Is a technical expert really what we need running our projects or programmes?

This half hour talk looks at the question from the perspective of skill mix. The objective is to highlight some key focus areas that may help organisations get the right people into project or programme management roles.


Bez popisku

Guest Speaker: Tuck MacRae

Tuck MacRae is one of the cofounders of the Masaryk University Project Management Centre of Excellence and has over 35 years of experience in project and programme management.

Tuck started his career in as an engineer in the telecommunication industry. After several years designing production systems he moved from telecommunications into military and space technologies assuming roles ranging from project manager up to senior vice-president operations. Working with organisations such as Boeing, Grumman, Sikorsky, Marconi, NASA, Canadian Astronautics, and the Canadian Government, Tuck has had the opportunity to experience first-hand how to and how NOT to manage small, medium and large sized projects. Tuck has also served as a Senior Project Board advisor to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation on their critical capability development programmes.

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